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January 22, 2013 by iMobileHomes

See on Scoop.itiMobileHomes – Interior Gardens for Air Quality

MobileHomeContractors‘s insight:

This is an awesome way to recycle bottles and use them for vertical and window shelf gardens in winter and through out the year.  Kudos to Design Sponge for these great suggestions.  Check out our iMobileHomes.TV site for more video suggestions on vertical gardening and improvment of your living experiences in mobile homes.  Growing vertical saves space and is a great suggestion for mobile home owners who face optimizing small space.  Vertical gardening inside also cleans the air from off gassing formaldehydes which are found in many mobile homes.  The plants actualy remediate the air according to a number of NASA reports.  iMobileHomes™ recommends this article because it wil give readers many innovative ideas which can be adapted to mobile homes.  Living better in smal spaces.  It’s what we are about.  http://imobilehomes.blogspot.com/p/growing-food-in-imobiehomes.html

See on www.designsponge.com

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